About us

Safety Policy

As TET Global Logistics, we conduct our activities in compliance with OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Management System criteria of British Standards Institute with our expert team and experienced drivers who have SRC 5 Dangerous Chemical Transport Driving Licence.

In our logistical activities, which we conduct in accordance with ADR regulations concerning the transport of dangerous chemicals, our vehicles and chemicals that we transport are under extensive protection against all potential damages and losses. In addition to comprehensive coverage made against material losses caused by traffic and theft, we guarantee transported chemicals with Excess of Loss Agreement, which increases the arbitrary financial liability of comprehensive coverage. We also aim to compensate potential damages and losses with Transportation Insurance.

We offer comprehensive service throughout our logistical operations in accordance with ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System criteria. In this regard, we support our operations with specially developed software programmes. With Vehicle Tracking System, we offer our customers an online platform where they can reach detailed information about the vehicle that carries their order. ERP software enables fast and solution-oriented management of the whole logistical process, from order to delivery, being integrated into customers’ systems.

As TET Global Logistics, we work to establish an active safety system in the execution of our activities and to run our business activities uninterrupted. In the meantime, we take necessary precautions to protect the information of the personnel, facilities, products and strategic intel against outside attacks and threats.

With the participation of relevant personnel and full support of the administration, as TET Global Logistics, we promise to

  • Establish, execute and sustain a Safety Management System to protect our personnel, customers, assets and prestige,
  • Execute safety activities in accordance with domestic and international regulations,
  • Prepare and apply procedures in order to minimize the negative impact of emergencies and cases of all kinds,
  • Ensure that personnel and customers feel safe within the borders of the firm,
  • Encourage the contribution of our personnel into safety precautions by raising their awareness on safety,
  • Work to provide a safe environment with the use of appropriate technology in our operations,
  • Fulfil the requirements of knowledge safety set according to the results of risk evaluation,
  • Provide the protection of facilities and areas, including the monitoring and reporting of activities,
  • Monitor, report and investigate security cases regularly for continuous convenience and recovery,
  • Execute information security principles coherently and effectively in the course of operations.