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Responsible Care Policy

TET Global Logistics runs its operations in a developing country, which continually improves in all fields, including environment. TET Global Logistics is aware of the necessities of fulfilling European standards and keeping up with the developments in the industry. In the meantime, executives of the firm commit to provide the sustainability of the existing environment while developing their commercial relations.

TET Global Logistics executives adopt, report and comply with Responsible Care principles in order to achieve their objectives. ECTA Responsible Care Programme is used to monitor and report the activities to achieve goals by ECTA as a pro-active approach.

Responsible Care Principles and TET Global’s principles to work in full compliance:

  • To continuously improve environmental, health and safety performance in order to maintain human and environment safety in the course of logistics of chemicals.
  • To ensure that full attention is paid to protect the health and safety of all people who are part of the chemical transportation operations.
  • To minimize the impact of logistical activities on environment.
  • To use resources and fuel efficiently and minimize the waste.
  • To take necessary precautions to provide the safety of activities
  • To collect data and report its performance fully with pros and cons
  • To collaborate with employees, listen to their concerns about work and understand their expectations
  • To be in cooperation with governments, international institutions, associations and officials to increase, improve logistical safety and make active arrangements in the application of standards.
  • To encourage responsible managements in everyone serving in logistics, subcontractors and cleaning stations.

The executives of the firm will review this policy annually and update, if necessary, make sure that constantly changing business needs are fulfilled. All employees will be informed about this policy.