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Ethical Values

Ethical rules include the principles that our firm personnel should comply while fulfilling their duties and principles regarding work system. The purpose of these principles is to set the scope of basic rules and to prevent any kind of potential disagreements and conflict of interest, which are likely to raise amongst employees, partners, clients and our firm.

TET Global Logistics sets the creation and maintenance of a fair work environment as one of its priorities. It is set as a basic principle to create a fair, respectful to the employee, healthy, safe and coherent work environment with all relevant legal and corporate applications and regulations.

TET Global Logistics’ Ethical Values include 8 significant criteria as the following:

  • Prevention of conflict of interest
  • Responsibility of prudence on duty
  • Responsibility of compliance with work principles and rules
  • Responsibility to pay attention to behaviours and relations
  • Responsibility of privacy and secrecy
  • Responsibility to consider firm interests
  • Prohibition to work in another job
  • Competition management and price policy
  • Responsibility to notify personal information and changes.