October 2019
  • 22 Eki 2019
    Logistics Restrictions in Iraq

    Due to the Erbain ceremonies held in Karbala every year, some logistical restrictions are imposed. As it is known, cargo transportation activities between Northern Iraq and southern regions were stopped on 12-20 October. In addition to these restrictions, logistics activities are expected to be severely suspended on 25 October 2019. We recommend that our colleagues working in the region take this issue into account.

    Logistics Restrictions in Iraq
  • 07 Eki 2019
    Hungary and Slovenia Transit Pass Documents - October / November

    The Directorate General of Road Transport Regulation has announced the distribution periods of the Hungarian transit pass documents in October and November.

    In addition, the number of Slovenian award documents to be used in transit for October has been announced.


    10 October 2019, Thursday 1.500 piece
    20 October 2019, Sunday 1.000 piece
    01 November 2019, Friday 1.500 piece
    10 November 2019, Sunday 1.500 piece
    20 November 2019, Wednesday 500 piece


    05 October 2019, Saturday 1.500 piece
    15 October 2019, Tuesday 1.500 piece
    25 October 2019, Friday 1.500 piece

    Hungary and Slovenia Transit Pass Documents - October / November
  • 02 Eki 2019
    Strike in Trieste Harbor

    According to information provided by the Consulate of Milano, there were delays in customs procedures at the Port of Trieste following the unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of a worker on Saturday September 28th.

    Despite the fact that the customs are active, the reason for the delay of the transactions was explained as the workers going on strike.As a result of the workers' strike, all operations at the Port of Trieste were suspended.

    According to DFDS's latest statement, the service interruption at the Port of Trieste ended on 01.10.2019 at 20:00 hours.

    Strike in Trieste Harbor