December 2019
  • 30 Ara 2019
    6-Sheet TIR Carnet to be Used in Europe (2020)

    A new TIR Carnet is being developed by TOBB. According to the statement, the TIR Carnet to be used for transportation for a limited geographical area of the European continent will be approximately costs 100.00 TL (CHF 16.50).

    1) TUR-EU TIR Carnets will be available to transport companies in the first half of January 2020. You can read the rules about TIR Carnets in the following article.

    TUR-AB 6-sheet TIR Carnet; It may be issued for transport companies duly accepted in accordance with the customs authorities and truck system of the country in which it is located and applies only to transport operations in the following limited geographical area,

    -From Turkey to European Union, EFTA and Balkan countries,
    -From EFTA, Balkan and European Union countries to Turkey.

    2) The TUR-AB 6-sheet TIR Carnet must be used for electronic pre-declarations (TIREPD).

    3) It will be strictly controlled whether the transportation is made within the specified geographical limits.

    6-Sheet TIR Carnet to be Used in Europe (2020)
  • 12 Ara 2019
    Hungarian M70 Motorway Bans on December 12 / 13

    According to the statement made by the Hungarian highway administration; The M70 motorway will be closed from 10:00 am on Thursday, December 12th to 17:00 on Friday, December 13th. Magyar Közút Nonprofit Zrtayn declared in a statement that the ceremony on the M70 motorway would cause such a hitch.

    The motorway is going to be closed in both directions and vehicle traffic is expected to be directed to 7538 during this time. We recommend that our colleagues who plan to use the M70 route take this information into account and use the Letenye / Rédics border crossings.

    Hungarian M70 Motorway Bans on December 12 / 13
  • 05 Ara 2019
    Queues at Serbia-Croatia Border Crossing

    Serious queues have arisen due to the failure of export systems at the Serbia-Croatia (Bajakovo-Batrovci) border crossing. Since the system could not be repaired, the truck tails went over 11 km. Queues of this length can cause delays between 1 day to 2 days on average.

    We recommend that vehicles using the Bajakovo-Batrovci border crossing plan their operations, taking into account that they will experience at least one day of delay in arriving at their destination

    Queues at Serbia-Croatia Border Crossing