Transport of Dangerous Chemicals

The European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR)* defines dangerous chemicals as “material objects that jeopardise general safety and order, health and lives of, especially public goods, people, animals and other livings due to their natural characteristics or conditions during transportation.” As TET Global Logistics, we provide qualified, safe and eco-friendly circulation of dangerous chemicals across whole points in Turkey and Europe with our logistical operations, complying with ADR standards. We run our activities in accordance with SQAS** sustainable safety and quality standards set by the European Chemical Industry Council. 

With our large fleet of over 300 vehicles, which have 10.000-ton transportation capacity per day, we deliver logistical service across Turkey and Europe, whereas in container transportation across whole points in the world. ADR certified, L4BH model highway tankers and Eurotainer branded containers that are made out of 316 L quality stainless steel chrome are heat-controlled and enduring against corrosion. 

Our insulated highway tankers with compressor and pump equipment, are comprised of three and five sections and have the capacity to carry six different chemicals at a time. Our tankers are geared, lobed and electrical, with a loading capacity between 15.000 – 25.000 tons. Tank containers have loading capacity between 20.000 – 33.500 litres. ADR certified highway tankers and containers serve in compliance with European standards. 

Thanks to our vehicles equipped with mobile communication systems, we enable instant follow-up of whole logistical process by our customers. We run our operations in accordance with OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Management Systems criteria of the British Standards Institute with our expert team and experienced drivers who have SRC 5 Dangerous Chemical Transport Driving Licence and are supported with in-house trainings.

Transport of Dangerous Chemicals in accordance with ADR and SQAS

In our logistical activities, which are conducted in accordance with ADR regulations concerning the transport of dangerous chemicals, our vehicles and chemicals that we transport are under extensive protection against all potential damages and losses. In addition to comprehensive coverage made against the material losses caused by traffic accident and theft, we guarantee transported chemicals with Excess of Loss Agreement, which increases the arbitrary financial liability of comprehensive coverage. We also aim to compensate potential damages and losses with Transportation Insurance. 

We conduct our liquid chemical transport activities in line with the regulations set by the T.R. Ministry of Environment and Forestry and ADR regulations concerning the transport of dangerous chemicals. Utilizing EURO5 and EURO6 motor technologies on our vehicles, we contribute to environmental sustainability and protection of natural resources for a healthy future. 

* European Agreement, which was put into force in 1968 by UN European Economy Commission, includes technical regulations regarding packaging and labelling of dangerous chemicals transported via highways, and the definition of the materials that have to be used in the building of these vehicles and the scope of vehicles’ operations. The agreement aims to regulate the transportation of liquid chemicals, maintaining environmental health and safety. In this respect, it is significant for logistical firms that transport dangerous chemicals to comply with ADR rules. 

** SQAS is a programme that sets performance, quality, safety, health, environmental and corporate social responsibility standards of firms that conduct highway logistical operations and intermodal transportation. Reviewing activities of logistical firms regularly, European Chemical Industry Council aims to maintain service quality of the industry. In this regard, SQAS is accepted as a significant assessment programme in chemical logistics industry.