Chemical Tanker Cleaning

As TGL Tet Global Logistics, we deliver chemical tanker cleaning services in collaboration with Dilmak Tanker in order to provide the transportation of chemicals such as mineral oil and supplements, chemicals in paint industry, fatty acids, fatty acid methyl esters, raw materials and chemicals in cleaning industry, construction chemicals, binders and resins, latex, monomer and acrylate, which constitute raw material of products that we use in our daily lives, in a hygienic environment.

Dilmak Chemical Tanker Cleaning and Treatment Plant, which was established in 2004, maintains a hygienic environment for chemicals, providing the sterilization of tankers and containers. Holding ISO 9001 certification, European Cleaning Document and Turkish Cleaning Document, the facility runs its operations in accordance with European standards.

In the facility, which has six-vehicle-cleaning capacity at a time and 20.000-ton treatment capacity per day, inside and outside sterilization of tankers and containers that carry chemicals are conducted by expert personnel.

In the sterilization of the inside of tankers and containers that carry chemicals, we utilize “Stream Impingent Technology” developed by Butterworth. Thanks to this technology, we conduct chemical tanker cleaning and treatment operations with less water, energy and cleaning chemicals, at a maximum efficiency. We do the cleaning process based on the type of vehicles and transported chemicals at the intended temperature. With our expert personnel and automated systems in chemical tanker cleaning operations, we deliver service with minimum energy at maximum efficiency, complying with SQAS criteria.

We offer eco-friendly service in accordance with the regulations set by the T.R. Ministry of Environment and Forestry in order to prevent environmental risks caused by chemical waste, which is produced during chemical tanker cleaning and treatment process. Hereby, we contribute to environmental sustainability and protection of natural resources for a healthy future. 

* SQAS is a programme that sets performance, quality, safety, health, environmental and corporate social responsibility standards of firms that conduct highway logistical operations and intermodal transportation. Reviewing activities of logistical firms regularly, European Chemical Industry Council aims to maintain service quality of the industry. In this regard, SQAS is accepted as a significant assessment programme in chemical logistics industry.

* These chemicals are not cleaned in our plant: Class 6 Dangerous Goods, ACN (Acrylonitrile), TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate)