Container Storage

Categorization of containers based on characteristics of the chemicals that they carry is significant to offer a safe container storage service. In case chemicals are not classified according to the set standards, they can cause fire and explosions as result of chemical reactions. As TET Global Logistics, we provide safe storage of chemicals by classifying them according to their characteristics stated on Material Safety Data Sheet.  

The report, which was prepared by the USA Chemical Safety Council, reveals that accidents caused by inappropriate storage constitute 46% of all accidents driven by chemical reactions. Material Safety Data Sheets, which are prepared as part of “Regulation About the Dangerous Goods and Preparation and Distribution of Safety Data Sheets Regarding Pharmaceutical Preparations,” include detailed information about the structure of chemicals, such as the its content, component, toxicological, ecological and logistical information, definition of dangers, etc. Appropriate analysis of these sheets and categorization of containers that carry chemicals are crucial to container storage service. 

Within the scope of ADR* regulations concerning the transport of dangerous chemicals, the body and equipment components of tankers have to be tested once every 2.5 or 5 years before starting their service. In addition to complying with legal regulations, we put containers that carry dangerous chemicals into tests, in case it is demanded so. Moreover, we provide necessary conditions for safe and long-term storage of containers, offering equipment control, change and maintenance services as part of container storage service.

* European Agreement, which was put into force in 1968 by UN European Economy Commission, includes technical regulations regarding packaging and labelling of dangerous chemicals transported via highways, and the definition of the materials that have to be used in the building of these vehicles and the scope of vehicles’ operations. The agreement aims to regulate the transportation of liquid chemicals, maintaining environmental health and safety. In this respect, it is significant for logistical firms that transport dangerous chemicals to comply with ADR rules.