Informatics Services

As TET Global Logistics, we support our liquid chemical transport operations that we conduct based on qualified, safe and eco-friendly service principles with technological infrastructure. Managing our operations with vehicles that are equipped with mobile communication systems and specially developed software programmes, we deliver fast and flexible solutions to our customers. 

With Vehicle Tracking System, we offer an online platform where customers can instantly access detailed information about the vehicle, such as the speed, location, idle, fuel consumption, depot-level and engine speed of the vehicle. Through this platform, our customers can reach up-to-date information about the vehicle that carries their order, clicking “Track My Shipment” button at the top right corner of the page and signing in with the provided username and password.

Specially developed ERP software, on the other hand, enables smooth management of each stage of logistical process, from order to delivery, and fast access to past-recent data. Integrating into customers’ systems with ERP software, we manage whole logistical process fast and solution-oriented.